The C-Flow Business Application Framework

C-Flow History

           I took a few months off work (around the beginning of 2004) to write an application that I would sell and make myself millions. Of course, we all know the value of a team and so my application did not fully materialize. I ended up rushing to try to get things done so that I could demo the application to try to raise finance.... blah, blah, blah!
Anyway, one of the reasons why I did not finish, was that I discovered something very interesting and became sidetracked. Research and development never gets an application finished. The app started as a client management system aimed at handling communication and management of new prospects and clients from a web site and needed a high degree of flexibility. I achieved this by using (and extending) a scripting language, Delphi Web Script in particular, and creating a little IDE in the application. It works really well.
About two thirds of the way through my time off work, I found that I could display screens stored in the database as text and by researching further I created a set of components that would have self registering script driven events, and a set of functions that created a text interface to handling the screen using RTTI. This was really exciting and I threw myself into this at the expense of my CRM - Stupid, but I'm a techie, what else could I do?

So, I am left with a semi-finished CRM type application, a couple of Delphi components,  a couple of related projects, a really great concept and many years of re-explaining to my wife why I spent so much time with no income and still didn't finish.


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