The C-Flow Business Application Framework

Testing The Existing C-Flow



Of course its not easy!!! I did this on purpose to prevent the users from installing. This product, for the time being , is for developers eyes only. I really don't want to answer queries as to why the documents button works on the prospects screen but not on the clients screen. That is all going to disappear!!
  • Extract the contents of the zip to C:\CFLOW maintaining the directory structure. Only here for the time being. You will see why if you look at the parameter setup.
  • Extract only to this location as the application has been sliced and diced to make it work there only. The proper install would be different, but I have hacked out the security processes for testing.
  • You will have to create a BDE Alias called C_FLOW and pointing to the C:\CFLOW\DATA directory
  • Double-click the .reg file to merge it into your registry or make these entries manually if you wish. This just names the database for the various applications.
I am not sure if this will work but it should do.

Issues and Problems with the product (The CRM app)

Actually, too numerous to mention, but a few pointers are worthwhile:
  • You may see some numbers that look like this "#2001269" on the screens, this is because the text has not yet been added to the language file and in fact some texts are mixed up which leads me to believe that I may have the wrong version of the language file. An example is on the stock menu - the item labelled Delivery note is in fact purchase orders, invoices = quotes etc.
  • It is still very buggy, I should say very buggy! Actually, you will be some kinda techie if you get it running. 
  • C-Flow was developed with client server in mind but is still on the the BDE at this stage as debugging is much easier. This means that some parts are c/s and others not. You do not need the server application to run the client application, but the server will know when the client is running.
  • It is quite a big application and much of the power of the application is in the design and the "not-so-easy" setup. A cursory glance will not do it justice. For example,
    you can monitor a mail box.
    If a mail comes in from your web site, from a specific enquiry type or campaign etc, then the mail can be routed to a specific person, group etc.
    The details from the mail can be extracted and your prospects populated.
    Once the prospect is added, a return mail can be generated and a user notified.
    A followup email can be scheduled to be sent out if no further correspondence is received from the prospect after a fixed period or the status can be changed and the second e-mail cancelled if a return is received - You get the picture! This kind of functionality is up to the imagination and can not easily be typed into this file. 
  • The accounting aspects of this application are very sad.

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