The C-Flow Business Application Framework

The C-Flow Business 

Application Framework

Welcome to the open source C-Flow Business Application Framework Homepage. There is not much here yet but keep checking back from time to time - This project is going places.


Calling all Delphi Developers!!!!

Especially those with no wife and kids that can spend many hours developing, what could arguably be called,  the most exciting Delphi open source project in the universe (Probably just on Earth though!)

If you have
  • an interest in developing business applications using Delphi and the best open source that the web has to offer, and
  • the vision to see how you can benefit from your time spent on the project,
then drop me a line, tell me a bit about yourself and lets get this project on the road. I have no doubt that within a few months, C-Flow can be a serious contender for the best free business application award. It's my ambition to knock the other "C" (one of those horrible java apps) off the top spot.


C-Flow Pages of Interest

C-Flow History
A brief description about the humble beginnings of C-Flow.

C-Flow Present Situation
A brief look at the current, even humbler, situation. (Also have a look at an old document I wrote about C-Flow when I still believed that open source was not for this fool, except when I used other developers code).

C-Flow Strategy
Still in the early stages. I will nail this down as time progresses.

C-Flow Features
These are the features in C-Flow and those I want to put in.

My plan for C-Flow
Where I see one possible future direction going.

My Open Source Model for Fame and Fortune
My motivation for the open source route and how I intend to benefit form this route. Lets face it, whether your desired return is financial, the pleasure of doing it, the joy of giving, to screw somebody else or simply to put it out there for recognition, we all have to have a pay off. (Just ask Dr Phil). I wish I could go the noble route and tell you how much I like to give without hope of return. The reality is much darker. I want the C-Flow team to make lots of $$$.

Download the existing CRM type application (you must have the Borland Database Engine installed)
This download is primarily for developers. It consists only of the executables at this point as I still want to strip all the garbage from the source before uploading. It will help if you understand the BDE (actually, you must know the BDE basics to install. Sorry users, your time will come!).

See You in the Forge!!!

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